Hagerty Roadside Assistance

24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance

  • Dispatch Service – clients call the convenient 1-800 number on their membership card and a service provider in their area is dispatched
  • Emergency tows (broken down/vehicle won’t start/etc.) fully covered up to plan limits (limits vary based on plan)
    • Convenience tows (transport to resto shop/moving to a new storage location/etc.) paid out of pocket by client at service provider’s contracted rate (usually a discount) with Hagerty
  • Guaranteed Flatbed Service
    • Exclusions may include vehicles over 10,000 lbs GVW (gross vehicle weight) and/or longer than 20 ft.
    • NOTE: It may take longer to find a service provider if the vehicle exceeds 10,000 lbs and/or longer than 20 ft. as it may require special equipment.
  • Non-Tow Emergency Coverage (lock-out/battery jump/tire change/fuel delivery/winch-out) included in each plan (coverage limits vary by plan)
    • Delivery of fuel is covered however, the cost of the fuel itself will be the members responsibility
    • Typically, around 3 gallons, enough fuel so the vehicle can get to the nearest gas station
  • Unlimited Usage – No limit to the number of service calls
  • Trailer Coverage (Premium & High-Octane Plans Only)
    • For car hauling trailers only. Other trailers may be towed but will be at a member assist rate
    • Trailers must be less than 15,000 lbs and up to 35 ft. in length
    • Premium: Trailers must be on the Hagerty Policy
    • High Octane: Trailers must be in the household but do not have to be on the Hagerty Policy
  • Courtesy Calls to family member/friend when an incident occurs (Premium & High-Octane Plans Only)